Bear with us!
Woman playing ping pong. Tic Tacs advert.

tic tacs

We were given the opportunity to produce a series of micro commercials for a competition at Userfarm, for confectioner Tic Tac. May 2015.

The video ‘Fresh Thoughts’ was selected as an official commercial used in the marketing campaign for Tic Tac.

Man playing drums with tic tacs on top
Couple swinging in hammocks side by side
Man sitting by river eating Tic Tacs
Woman bent over ping pong table Tic Tacs
Woman drops a handful of Tic Tacs over a ping pong table
Woman attempting to kiss guy on bench
Couple playing pooh sticks
Couple making out, kissing, passionately
Couple dancing by river
Various people sing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do together