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Original Source.

Original Source

We were given a grant to make two commercials for a competition at Zooppa for Original Source shower gel, January 2015.

A commercial entry for Original Source shower gel. A local lime from the area campaigns in the street to raise awareness for cruelty against his fellow fruit used in Original Source shower gel. His message is simple, "Stop the massacre today.”

A commercial entry for Original Source shower gel. Local leaf, Mint Eastwood, has been picked to win the mysterious 'Original Source Lottery'. His new found fame goes to his head, as he terrorizes the neighbourhood with his ego of celebrity status. However, it doesn't last long, when he finds out the horrific meaning of his selection and that he's not as unique as he thought.

Henry Morris as Mint Eastwood in Original Source. Mint, Lottery.
Ricky Petriello as Lime in Original Source. Lime, Campaign Trail.