Bear with us!
Sarah Angliss performing at Monomania 2014


We were commissioned to produce teaser videos from artists featured at Monomania Festival in Cambridge, March 2014.

Monomania is a one-day festival exploring obsessive and solitary creative experience. Solo artists across performance, live music, sound and visual arts explore individual experience as makers, performers, inventors, listeners, writers and spectators in art, technology and everyday life.

Featured Artists: Alex Pearl, Tim Spooner, Jack James, John Boursnell, Chloe Leaper, Nick Steur, Liam Wells, Sean Dower, Heatsick, Mr Underwood, Sarah Angliss, Richard Dawson, C Joynes & Lee Patterson.

Monomania 2014, C Joynes - Live Music
Monomania 2014, Liam Wells - '44.3585 / 62.5378'
Monomania 2014, Nick Steur - 'FREEZE!'
Monomania 2014, Richard Dawson - Live Music
Monomania 2014, Sarah Angliss - Live Music
Monomania 2014, Sean Dower - Live Noise Transmission
Monomania 2014, Tim Spooner - 'The Telescope'
Monomania 2014, Holly Rumble - 'Hear a Pindrop Here Workshop'
Monomania 2014, Jack James - 'Undisclosed Number'
Monomania 2014, John Boursnell - 'Untitled Text'
Monomania 2014, Lee Patterson - 'A Study Of Doomed Space'
Monomania 2014, Chloe Leaper - 'Score Scroll - Demolition & Delineated'
Monomania 2014, Heatsick - 'Extended Play'
Monomania 2014, Mr Underwood - 'Sonic Graffiti'
Monomania 2014, Alex Pearl - 'Purposeless Experiment Table'