Bear with us!
Visitor sitting, listening to poem through Raspberry Pi as part of instillation Lichen Ohms Seriatim

Lichen Ohms Seriatim

We were commissioned to produce a trailer and visitor responses video for a sound art installation, Lichen Ohms Seriatim; a dialogue between Bluetooth beacons and Raspberry Pi devices with screens and headphones. January 2016.

Lichen Beacons is a collaborative sound art installation by Tom Hall, Drew Milne and Barry Byford involving slow immersive portable sound, images and poetry. It was first shown in the UK as Lichen Ohms Seriatim in Corpus Christi College Chapel in October, as part of the 2015 Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Raspberry Pi displaying iamge as part of Lichen Ohms Seriatim (Trailer)
Boy listening to spoken word as part of Lichen Ohms Seriatim (Visitor Responses)